Creating a Modern Landscape Design That Your Neighbors will Envy

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Have you ever thought about the plans and design ideas that have created our landscapes? The things we see every day during our commute to work, our walk to lunch, and our stroll through the park, all have very intentional designs. It’s interesting to think about the importance of landscape design and why it matters in our everyday life. Landscape design brings both personality and functionality. It exists everywhere, including our own yards. Here are three ways that landscape design matters.

1) Livability

●      When implemented, landscape design makes a space feel livable. Landscape design sets the tone and ambiance of an area. A yard or garden without any thoughtful landscape design can start to feel cluttered, disorganized, or unwelcoming. Before you start planting your garden and arranging your yard, consider how you want your garden and yard to feel.


●      Having a focal point in a yard or garden is a helpful way to create a consistent theme and bring different aspects together. Unique metal yard art is a simple and elegant way to add a new element. Yard art as a focal point will enhance the landscape design, comfort, and livability of your yard.

a modern landscape design idea

2) Functionality

●      Landscape design also is important for the functionality of a space. As people, we appreciate the convenience and efficiency in most aspects of our life. Consider these factors when designing your yard or garden. It might be nice to have a sitting area in your garden so you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space. You can add a decorative storage area to keep your gardening tools nearby and convenient. These small aspects of landscape design can greatly improve the functionality of your garden!


3) Visual Feel

●      While livability and visual feel are closely related, visual feel refers more to the aesthetics and cohesiveness of art within your garden. A garden is natural and earthy, but it is often disrupted with poorly planned man-made elements. Rather than having man-made pieces be a “disruption” it is important to have the natural and added elements work well together. This creates a visual feel of connectedness to nature, which is important.

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Google SERP’s Make A Giant Leap Sideways

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If you search for products online, you may have noticed that Google has removed the paid advertising links on the right-hand side of search engine return pages or SERPs. Google provides free generic searches for anyone, and the company’s reward for its service is that it also displays paid advertising related to each keyword or key-phrase search. These ads are pay-per-click or PPC advertisements that any business owner, blog publisher, social media maven or organization can buy based on searching terms called keywords. Google’s paid listings are called AdWord campaigns. When Internet searchers type in keywords, Google returns a results page with a mixture of organic or generic search results and paid listings.

Google used to display paid listings at the top and to the right-hand side of its organic search list for each viewer query or Internet search for products or information. However, on February 19, 2016, Google leaked information that it would no longer place ads on the right-hand sidebar, which many analysts and SEO companies had already been seeing off-and-on for some time. In fact, the company’s official statement confirmed it had been testing the new layout for some time and would continue tweaking its design for businesses.

[1] The new SERP will look something like this:

• All listings will appear in a vertical list, and more room on the right rail will be available for product listings, Knowledge Panels,screenshot of sidebar ads removed from Google in Feb. update and further information about each listing.
• Google will display four paid ads at the top of organic returns for “highly commercial queries,” but otherwise continue its practice of listing three local or informational paid listings above-the-fold.
• All text listings, including paid and generic, will be limited to 11.
• Google will replace the text ads on the right with three new paid text ads at the bottom, effectively sandwiching the organic results.

Google had recently changed its practice of listing seven paid text ads at the top of return lists by reducing the number to three, which was big news for many SEO service marketers and its most significant search engine competitors Yahoo and Bing.

What Google’s Changes Mean for Marketers and Consumers

Digital marketing usually consists of generic strategies, paid campaigns, social media promotions, reputation management, press releases, link building and many other initiatives. Google’s new layout, which is probably the company’s response to increased mobile marketing, makes listings easier to read on smaller screens. The changed format should strengthen PPC advertising campaigns by making text ads more visible to people using phones to conduct searches. Critics and cynics are quick to point out that busy people on-the-go are now just as likely to click on a paid ad in a vertical list as they are to click on a SERP listing. The changes could be a blow to organic searches and a blessing for Google’s advertisers. Some people never click on paid ads because these listings don’t always match their search terms as precisely as generic listings.


[1] App Indexing & The New Frontier Of SEO: Google Search + Deep Linking

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Norcal Offers Benefits To California Businesses

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Shasta, California: In business, virtually anything that must be transported is packed in shipping containers. This is due to theircargo news for businesses ease of use and dependability. The shipping containers California companies use most can carry textiles, electronics, nonperishable food items, toys and even automobiles, whether they are being sent to California, other areas of North America, or overseas.

This gives business owners the assurance that items being transported will safely reach their destination and remain in good condition throughout the entire shipping process. For this reason, companies have used containers of this kind almost exclusively since they were first invented five decades ago.

Before shipping containers solved the problem, cargo had to be transported piece by piece, which was a lengthy process. Once this procedure was streamlined for businesses through the use of the appropriate shipping container, time, money and effort were saved. This is because virtually any object can now be packed in one large container and transported as a single piece.

Also, as a benefit for both large and small companies, shipping container dimensions are now offered in various sizes. These include standard and high cube, the latter of which is perfect for tall objects or odd-shaped merchandise.

Choosing the Best California Container Supplier

NorCal Containers offers top-quality new and used cargo containers for a broad range of clients in all parts of California, Oregon, and Nevada. All NorCal containers are inspected before being sold to ensure only the best quality is provided to customers. Containers are offered in dimensions of 40 foot and 20-foot lengths. Additionally, various grades are provided, since the class of shipping container is essential to the undamaged delivery of merchandise.

Shipping container delivery is available to most areas and when possible, emergency or next day delivery is provided. Ultimately, the goal of the company is to provide quality containers at a great price whenever they are needed.


Providing exceptional service to California customers and those in other areas is a priority of NorCal Containers. Trucks and trailers are company owned, which ensures excellent quality control. When a corporation does not have to depend on outside truck rentals, every container can be personally inspected before being sold. This is the difference between family-owned companies and businesses that are more concerned with profit than customer service.


Because NorCal has low overhead and excellent suppliers, they offer prices that edge out virtually all competitors in California and surrounding areas. One reason for their competitiveness is the fact that they buy in bulk and always pay suppliers promptly. This keeps expenses low and generates a high number of client referrals. For deliveries, fuel-efficient, late-model trucks, and trailers are used, which ensures a satisfactory outcome.

When they invest in the appropriate shipping containers California business owners are assured of the safe delivery of valuable merchandise in a private and secure manner.

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