Fear And Society

Fear And Society

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What Is Fear?

Well, even an eight-year-old child could explain fear as a sort of emotion. What we know about fear is that it is a very powerful emotion that leads to an equally powerful reaction. That being said, there are numerous people who use these facts about fear in order to use it for their own purposes and goals. Namely, fear is used when you want to motivate people and get a reaction out of them; this is precisely why fear is used in political campaigns and in news.

Where Do Our Fears Lie?

It is not difficult to guess where our fears lie and we are they stem from. Also, there are numerous places where you can find fear induced topics such as the news, political campaigns, the Internet, as well as your everyday conversations and social networks. But why do other people use your fears as a way to get through to you? Well, since we live in an era where we are literally swamped with information, it has become a real challenge to draw people’s attention to something. The media is just one of the organisations that is entirely influenced by people’s attention, or the lack of it. This is precisely why the media is going to such great lengths to seize your focus and attention, and why they have chosen to use fear as a way to get through to you.

Fear And Sex

Remember that popular slogan that marketing moguls regularly quote how sex sells everything? Well, fear is not much different. In the sea of information, or should I say in the ocean of information that constantly surrounds us, it can be difficult to find motivation to devote your attention to just one piece of information. However, the media uses your concerns and anxieties as a way to dry attention to their headlines; which is to prove that fear can sell almost as successfully as sex.

There are numerous people who use your fears and anxieties for their own purposes, namely those are politicians and journalists, but many others too: people who want you to buy their products, people will want you to believe what they believe.

How To Stop Being Afraid

Sometimes it is necessary for you to look at the bigger picture. Why are you afraid? What lies at the base of your fears? How can you stop being afraid? You will have to understand that even though we live in a society that has all the benefits of technology, we are still pretty much young in the revolution all science. Our civilisation is not yet as evolved as it should be for the given technology. All this only means that it will use different methods to motivating its members and trying to influence them in various ways, such as using fears. If you want to reduce how you feel, you will have to make sure that you look at the bigger picture, then just giving to your fear.

The first question you should ask yourself is who will benefit from it? And that will certainly point you in the right direction. Even though these things might seem like a little bit like conspirative theories, I assure you that you are being manipulated by your own fears too many times in your life, whether you realize that or not. In order to put a stop to it, you shall have to work on putting your fears aside and using your head.

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