Peculiar Facts About Dogs And People

Peculiar Facts About Dogs And People

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It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are many people who are dog owners. In fact, the majority of people tend to divide themselves between two categories: dog lovers and cat lovers. Certainly, there are people who love all animals, dogs and cats included. In addition, there are numerous instances of incredible bonds that have been made between a human and a dog.

This is precisely why there are so many people who are literally in love with their dogs. While there are numerous instances of how a dog’s devotion was shown to its owner, or how an owner helped an animal in question; there are also some instances which are universal when it comes to dogs.

Dogs As Members Of Our Society

It can be said with certainty that just like people are functioning members of our society, dogs are also members of our society. That being said, we should pay better attention to the needs and try to promote the quality of their lives. Certainly, there are numerous people will take good care of their pet dogs, but there are also many dogs that lack this attention. Being that dogs are one of the first animals that has been domesticized by the man, they have grown so accustomed to being human companions, that they literally have a greater intrinsic need to have a human, then to belong to a pack. In fact, it can be said that humans have become the main pack any dog wants to belong to.

Dogs Are Our Best Friends

With everything that has already been mentioned its clear how many people believe that dogs are at their best friends, and how they tend to put this relationship forward or in level with the relationships they have with other humans. For anyone who has ever had the dog, this is simply a fact of life, and something that needs no further explanation. However, if you did not have a dog yourself, you will find this notion more difficult to relate to.

Dogs Don’t Like Everyone

Even though people believed that dogs like everyone, recent studies have shown that it is not entirely true. Japanese researchers found out that dogs will refuse even fooled which is given to them by people who have offended or been mean to the master. This serves to prove the level of capacity to incorporate socially which is only found in a relatively small number of species, including us humans and other primates. Another study has shown that people will refuse even help coming from people would did not help their owner.

This means that dogs are willingly putting their self-interest aside, and putting the interests of the group before their own interest. Also they are willing to collaborate in a society with humans, and they shared this trait with humans. In humans, this trait is present from the age of three, and it is truly remarkable that dogs possess it too.

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