Are You Living Healthy Or In A Healthy Society?

Are You Living Healthy Or In A Healthy Society?

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Why Health Is So Important

We are all aware that leading a healthy lifestyle is definitely an important aspect of our lives. If you want to be healthy, you should eat healthy, exercise, and lead overall healthy lifestyle. However, a lot of overweight people have been influenced by this opinion. Many people who have trouble with maintaining a healthy weight have been scrutinised and bullied because they don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, but is that something a healthy society would do to its members?

The Health Of Our Society

Even though we cannot argue about whether being overweight is healthy, because it has been shown that it is definitely not, we can still argue the health of our society which scrutinises and bullies people who have troubles reaching an ideal weight. The society will live in is definitely not healthy, since it doesn’t promote the sense of being tolerant towards all the members of its society. People all overweight, are frequently being judged by their body image, as well as being scrutinised, told what to do and what not to do, publicly humiliated and bullied. These are not things that any healthy society would do to its members.

Women Are Main Targets

It may not come as a surprise that the main target of bullying and prejudices based on their body image, are precisely women. While people are more or less tolerant when it comes to a man having a larger size, they show much less tolerance when it comes to women. Not only that, but women are constantly bombarded with the image of how perfect woman should look like in terms of weight and facial features.

The role of Photoshop cannot be denied, since the majority of pictures that women and young girls compare themselves to are artificial. However, that doesn’t reduce the problem, it only makes it worse. Even though a lot of people are aware that these images are artificial, it still affects women and the attitudes towards women. Not only that, but the artificial images can seriously damage the confidence in young girls and even lead them to develop healthy eating disorders.

Who Is The Diseased One?

While maintaining healthy weight is essential to your health, it’s not the health of individual that we are discussing today, but more the health of our society. Do you believe that our society is healthy if it manages to shatter the confidence of its members in pieces, just because they believe they have all the answers. No category of people should be scrutinised or bullied in an involved and tolerant society. If we want to grow as a civilisation we should put more effort into making all members of our society feel as equally included and as equally valued. The encouragement to meet unrealistic expectations and achieve unrealistic body images which are constantly put forward, do not make happy and healthy functioning members in a society. Hopefully, you will remember this article next time when you start preaching someone about their body weight.

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