Our Everyday Lives: The Civilisation We Live In

Our Everyday Lives: The Civilisation We Live In

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in The Development of Civilization and Society |

What Do You Think?

The society we live in has definitely changed since the times of our grandparents, and even parents. But what has changed? Well, we are certainly living in a much more modern society that users all sorts of technology. Also, significant scientific break troughs have been made in the recent past, and all of that has surely affected our society and our everyday lives. But when you think about the bigger picture, have people really changed? Even though on the surface our lives have become a lot more sophisticated, and our technology is much more advanced, people have remained more or less the same.

Grim Present And Dark Future

Even though our present seems to be filled with all the technological advancement, it certainly is not followed with as drastic as evolution of people. It is due to this fact that our present has become so grim, and the fact that leads us to a dark future. Even though our technology has evolved at a remarkable speed, people are still not evolved enough to use such technology. The instances in which support this claim, or the fact that we have seriously polluted planet Earth and created some serious climate changes by doing so.

Also, there are numerous instances of war and terrorism in the world today, that shouldn’t be there in an evolved society that is as sophisticated technologically. All of these instances just prove a point that even though our societies might seem rather evolved and technologically advanced, all of this is merely a surface. All of the technological advancement is of purely cosmetic nature. In other words, technology that people have succeed in developing, doesn’t really put us in the next get a glory of civilisation as it should. On the contrary, people have remained on the same level of evolution in terms of civilization, as they have been for many decades before.

Do You Stop To Smell The Roses?

A lot of people are wondering whether their lives are going to make sense at the end. A lot of people are worried that they don’t devote enough time to stopping and smelling the roses. In my opinion, you should be concerned about other things, Such as thinking about our society today. Do you ever stop to think about yourself and how you feel? Do you feel as a member of society? Do feel as a member of the nation? Where do you fit in? What are you doing to help out the planet Earth/our solution/our entire human civilisation?

In order to figure out the answers to these questions you must truly devote yourself to thinking about them, and you must truly find a way to help out the human population to grow and evolve. We may think and believe that we your technologically advanced, but there are still people who die of illnesses that we cannot cure, who don’t have fresh water, and who don’t have food to eat. All of these instances just serve to prove a point that we are not as special, evolved, technologically advanced, as we are prone to thinking just because we are holding a shiny smartphone in our hands.

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