Creating a Modern Landscape Design That Your Neighbors will Envy

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Have you ever thought about the plans and design ideas that have created our landscapes? The things we see every day during our commute to work, our walk to lunch, and our stroll through the park, all have very intentional designs. It’s interesting to think about the importance of landscape design and why it matters in our everyday life. Landscape design brings both personality and functionality. It exists everywhere, including our own yards. Here are three ways that landscape design matters.

1) Livability

●      When implemented, landscape design makes a space feel livable. Landscape design sets the tone and ambiance of an area. A yard or garden without any thoughtful landscape design can start to feel cluttered, disorganized, or unwelcoming. Before you start planting your garden and arranging your yard, consider how you want your garden and yard to feel.


●      Having a focal point in a yard or garden is a helpful way to create a consistent theme and bring different aspects together. Unique metal yard art is a simple and elegant way to add a new element. Yard art as a focal point will enhance the landscape design, comfort, and livability of your yard.

a modern landscape design idea

2) Functionality

●      Landscape design also is important for the functionality of a space. As people, we appreciate the convenience and efficiency in most aspects of our life. Consider these factors when designing your yard or garden. It might be nice to have a sitting area in your garden so you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space. You can add a decorative storage area to keep your gardening tools nearby and convenient. These small aspects of landscape design can greatly improve the functionality of your garden!


3) Visual Feel

●      While livability and visual feel are closely related, visual feel refers more to the aesthetics and cohesiveness of art within your garden. A garden is natural and earthy, but it is often disrupted with poorly planned man-made elements. Rather than having man-made pieces be a “disruption” it is important to have the natural and added elements work well together. This creates a visual feel of connectedness to nature, which is important.

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