Top 4 Marketing Applications For Tracking Website Traffic

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Over the last few years, marketers have realized that tracking site traffic is not only important, it is necessary. This is because many site visitors are not easily identifiable or take deliberate steps to avoid detection. According to data published by act-on, a site visitor tracking solution, up to 97% of people who visit websites are invisible to webmasters. Even worse, some of those invisible visitors could be either “warm” or “hot” prospects. With that in mind, some of the apps for marketing that can help you avoid losing valuable sales leads include:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far one of the most popular online applications for SEO and Social Media rank tracking. Data from LeadLedger shows that 62.7% of the top one million sites globally have installed Google Analytics. This web analytics tools has a wide range of features that site owners and is used by many of Local Marketing Companies to track traffic metrics. These features include event tracking, audience reporting, acquisition reporting, cohort analysis, conversion reporting, custom reporting, ecommerce reporting, mobile app reporting, performance reporting and in-page analytics. In simple words, GA has features marketers will find useful in tracking site traffic.

HubSpot Analytics

HubSpot Analytics is an inbound marketing solution that gives marketers access to metrics that span a user’s database, marketing content and site traffic. For instance, HubSpot‘s marketing solution allows users to create customized reports using the “report builder” feature. In addition, users can edit reports directly without necessarily going back to the report builder. What’s more, the Marketing Analytics section offers CTA Reporting, Email Analytics and Landing Pages features, enabling marketers to gauge the performance of different marketing channels. Webmasters can also undertake full-funnel analytics and generate Sources Report, Attribution Report and Contacts Report.


KISSmetrics is another popular web analytics tool that site owners can use to track site traffic. According to its developers, KISSmetrics provides real time data that allows users to monitor trends as they happen. What’s more, the API integration function enables developers to incorporate data feeds into their own data analytics applications. Furthermore, KISSmetrics has a split testing feature, which means site owners can tweak say landing pages to maximize metrics such as conversion rates.


Clicky is a robust web analytics solution that also provides real time data to users. The main Clicky dashboard gives site owners an overview of key metrics such traffic sources, user downloads, and video views. A feature that marketers will find useful is Clicky’s Sheer SEO tool that shows the rank of keywords associated with incoming traffic. The Twitter Search Tracking function allows webmasters to monitor Twitter retweets, hashtags and keywords. Additionally, if you love monitoring site data while on the go, Clicky has that angle covered with an iPhone app called ClickyTouch. Other useful features include Heat Maps, split testing, A/B testing and application programming interface (API).


The best way to stay ahead of the competition, improve service delivery, and ramp up sales is by tracking site traffic. Some of the robust and popular applications for tracking traffic include Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, HubSpot Analytics, and Clicky. Finally, it is worth noting that some of the aforementioned aps for marketing charge a subscription fee.

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