Tragedy in Dallas Texas with Drug-Related Deaths

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Although Texas has a lower rate of drug-related deaths than the national average, this means nothing to the parents and family of those who die as a direct consequence of drug abuse and addiction. Dallas, Texas lies in an area of massive drug trafficking and dealers certainly manage to find their buying public in the city. These drug dealers create and contribute to addiction in people of all ages.

Violent Crimes in Dallas Texas

One detective in the Dallas area has stated that as many as 85 percents of the cases he has dealt with in his career were about drugs. Both the victim of the Dallas crime and the suspect in the case were high in the greatest percentage of the incidents. They both were doing things they would not normally do unless under the influence of the drug.

An example of the horror that substance abuse can create is one recent news report from Dallas, Texas. Two brothers were shot and killed in a drug deal gone wrong. Now their parents are left with a void in their lives. In another report, a young man was stabbed in his car and left to die.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital. These were all needless murders, sparked only by the greed of drug dealers and the addiction of those who had to feed that greed out of the necessity of their cravings.

Addiction Destroying Lives

These young people were not naturally bad people. But they certainly were driven to drastic lengths by their desire for that next fix. And it led them to death at an age where death should yet be a long way off. Any dreams these boys had as children evaporated when they began abusing drugs. Addiction came to absorb them and ruined their lives.

Whether fatal shootings, robberies or dangerous driving while under the influence of drugs, the crime rate is positively affected in a city where addiction runs rampant. The emotions and attitudes of an addict are greatly affected, and violence can become second nature.

When kids from moral homes and families with high values, who would never steal or lie, get addicted, things change. The next thing you know, they are only a step away from incarceration. They lie to their families and steal from anyone to get that next fix.

Addicts are so affected by their addiction that they don’t realize what is happening to them until it is too late. One girl said that although she used to be euphoric, involved in her school’s activities, working for extra money and enjoying her friends, she turned into someone completely different, sitting all day in one room getting high.

Getting Help for Addicts

Cravings for the drug of choice will take over life, and the person so addicted will end up getting involved with others so like-minded. They end up not caring about anything else but getting high. It often takes the efforts of others to get them to agree to go into a drug rehab. Sometimes it is simple, because when confronted with what their life has become, an addict will have the reality come crashing down and consent to receive help.

However, sometimes it is necessary to get professional intervention. The addict just “knows” that he is going to be an addict for the rest of his life. There is nothing further from the truth, although many drug rehab programs state that addiction is a disease that can’t be cured. Addiction CAN be solved. It is a matter of finding the right drug rehab program – a successful one that will have the highest chance of providing lasting recovery.

Ms. Hines runs Solution to addiction centers, founded with the purpose of helping addicts discover truly sustainable recovery so they can live happy and productive lives once again.

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